Can I send messages to more than one candidate at a time?

Yes! Sending a message to multiple candidates at a time is a breeze, and a great way to communicate quickly!

Do the candidates see that other candidates were also sent the same message?

No - the candidates can not see that other candidates were sent the same message. It is similar to a BCC list. If a candidate responds, it will only go to the sender, not the entire recipient list.

How many candidates can I bulk message at a time?

You can send a message to up to 20 candidates at a time. This limit helps keep spammers at bay!

How do I send a bulk message?

You can send a bulk message from any candidate dashboard or search screen. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Click on "Candidates" on the left bar of your Recruiterbox screen

  • Find the candidates you'd like to send the message to (you can use advanced search, or the sort options on the left - or any way you please!)

  • Once you have found the candidates, click the check box beside the ones you would like to send the message to. Note - for bulk messaging, the candidates must be within the same opening!

  • Click "Email" at the top of the candidate dashboard

  • Compose the message to your liking. You can use the {} link at the bottom of the message creation to pull in things like the candidate's name, or the opening name. Note - even though both candidate names are displayed, the candidates will not see that other people were sent the same message.

  • Once the message is complete, you can choose to "Send Now" or send at a later date/time. You can also choose if you want us to remind you to follow up in a few days. (Please note: We do not allow follow-up reminders on scheduled messages.)

  • Once sent, the message will display in each of the candidate's profiles

  • When the candidate replies, the reply will display in the candidate's profile. The user who sent the message will also receive a copy of the reply in the inbox of the email address they use for Recruiterbox.

Questions? Feel free to reach out at any time: