Can I pull a report of when and why my candidates were rejected?

Yes! The Rejections Report will show you just that!

Knowing why candidates are rejected, as well as what point they've reached in the hiring process upon rejection can help you keep your hiring workflow healthy!

With the new Rejections Report you'll be able to do just that!

Why is this important?

A healthy hiring pipeline will have the largest number of rejections early in the process - typically in your first few stages. In a typical hiring process, later stages (interviews, homework assignments, etc) are much more involved and time consuming. The earlier you weed out candidates, the more efficient your processes can be!

It is also crucial to know why candidates are being rejected. This can help you tweak your job description and advertising methods down the line, to attract the candidates you're after!

How do I access the report?

You can access this report from your reports dashboard, just as you do your other reports

  • Click the "Reports" icon on the left bar of your Recruiterbox screen

This displays the Reporting Dashboard. From here, click on "Rejections" to view this report.

One note before we get started...

Before using the Rejections report, do ensure that Rejection Reasons appropriate to your team's hiring workflow have beensetup in your Recruiterbox account.

Rejection reasons are fully configurable within Recruiterbox by any of your account Super Admins. To edit these, head over to Settings >> Company Settings >> ‘Reasons for Reject and other decisioned states’.

What is in the report?

The report contains a large variety of filters, to allow you to narrow down on just the openings you're looking to see. You can click "Add Filter" to filter this report:

You can add as many filters as you'd like, to get to just what you're after:

With this report, you can quickly discern which Job Openings have seen the most application rejections, as well as understand exactly why the applications might be getting rejected:in this report you have the breakdown of the rejections by reason:

We've presented each rejection reason as a percentage, so you know how these numbers interact as a part of your whole hiring process. You can see the raw numbers below as well:

Clicking on the blue numbers below the percentages will open a side panel and show you the specific candidates with that particular rejection reason in the opening you've selected.

See Rejections by stage:

Toggling over to the "Reject Rate at Stages" tab allows you access to rejections by stage. This allows you to see the rate of rejection in each step of the hiring process.

In an ideal hiring process, your team would reject the highest number of folks in the first few stages. As candidates continue in your hiring process, your team spends more time with them - which costs more time and resources.

As always, you can download this report to Excel, to store or edit the data further. You will find a "Download as excel" option for the overview report and a separate "Download as excel" option after clicking to see specific candidates:

Can I see rejected candidates as a list?

Yes! You can sort your candidates within the system by their decisioned status (hired, rejected, etc) as well as the decision reason using advanced search.

In addition, this data pulls to the Candidates Report.

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